BBTac Airsoft Spring Rifle A&K Airsoft Gun Full Size Great for Starter Shoot 6mm BBS with Safe Mode, Wood Color

This a Airsoft replica of one of the most popular and common seen rifle in the world. This here is a full scale replica of a popular Russian model made for airsofting from plastic construction by BBTac. Included in the package is the airsoft rifle itself, with Big Clip that holds up to 300 rounds, and a sling. It features different settings as well such as safety, and spring action mode. To cock the gun, simply pull the handle on the side of the gun. Located at the top are the aiming sights, one at the front on the barrel and the rear sight located just near the middle of the airsoft gun, which is also adjustable. It comes ready to shoot at approximately 250 FPS using 0.12g 6mm BBs. To load the magazine, simply just lift up the trapdoor located at the top and fill it with BBs. Once filled, close the latch and wind the wheel at the bottom for approximately 30 seconds and you will be ready to go. This is a great lightweight airsoft gun for beginners getting a feel for airsofting. The FPS is just perfect for backyard shooting and target practicing for children. Really simple to use and much less expensive than other airsoft guns. As a reminder, always wear eye protection when using airsoft guns!Full scale airsoft gun with detailed finish and plastic construction. Great starter gun for beginners
Spring Operated Ready to play package
Velocity of approximately 250 FPS when using 0.12g 6mm BBs
Battery compartment in buttstock of airsoft gun. Comes with aiming sights located at the top. Adjustable rear aiming sight
Clip capable of holding 300 rds, Simply load BBs through trapdoor latch and wind wheel for quick loading!

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