NEWWAR Battlefield Mask – Spiderman Amazing Army of Two Custom Goalie Full Face Mask Protect Mask for Airsoft, Paintball, BB Gun, War Game, Halloween Party, Hunting Wargame, Costume Cosplay Airsoft Mask and Prop Mask and All Military Purpose

Unique designed from 10 years experienced artist ,the most intimidating look in every battleground Specialty 3 layers of fiber glass, reliably strong Mould is made from facial structure of human, fits well with the face and best visibility, Protection Eye metal mesh vision guard (Special Thickness).Eye Great vision of the eye.It can be used all around because lens putting angles trim with moving of the human’s eyes. Size of the mask about 10 x 8 Ince .thick which can cover your whole faceProfessional Paintball Airsoft Mask : High strength Material Made from high quality fiberglass , so you can be sure of the high quality of our every mask you purchase and it is not made from the plastic ABS
Vision The thinness of the lens which is only 5 mm gives a clearer vision. Because a thicker lens gives an inaccurate vision. With a lens of 3.2 cm wide and 7cm long which is a bigger size and from our research, you can be sure that you will not be easily shot on the side way from your opponent.
acrylic of the size to protect your Eyes, Anti fog Because the material we use for our lens are more superior, and the ventilation space is bigger, you will be sure to receive better anti fog.
Ventilation system Our mask design has given more space between your nose and mouth, so you can breathe easier than through a hole from the sideway of the mask.Our design not only gives more room for ventilation but also reinforces a natural way of breathing which is up and down and down and up not on the side way.
Original from asia trendy shop only. beware low quality copy model from others

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