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Keep a Firearm Concealed and Close by with a Premium Magnetic Gun Mount from @GorillaMagnet

As a believer in the 2nd Amendment, you want to make it easy to access your gun on the off chance you need to protect yourself, your family, or your property. And nothing provides quicker, more convenient access than GorillaMagnet’s Samson Magnetic Gun Mount Holder that uses an ultra-strong magnet and simple easy-to-mount design so you can keep your pistol, shotgun, or rifle within reach or safely stowed away.

Product Details:

• Universal Magnetic Gun Mount
• Pull Force*: 43 lbs.
• Rubber-Coated
• Powerful Neodymium Magnets
• Compatible with Most Firearm Types
• Dimensions: 3.75″L x 1.6″W x 0.30H”
• Gun WON’T Move or Shift In Bouncy Cars or Trucks.

The rubberized exterior helps better protect metal surfaces and edges on your weapons to ensure they don’t get scratched or scuffed; ideal for maintaining beautiful patina.

The four countersunk holes let you properly mount it to a wall, table, side table, or closet, or under the dash or behind the seat of your car, truck, or off-road vehicle.

Crafted with the world’s most reliable magnets, neodymium, these gun mounts offer a stronger magnetic pull so your weapon won’t fall, jostle, or shift even if you’re in motion like when driving.

Ideal For Nearly All Gun Types & Brands

This multipurpose gun mount supports most every gun brands and weapons made with ferrous metals.

Superior Magnet Strength

Stronger and more reliable than standard magnetic gun mounts, the Samson Magnet mount maintains a hold rating of 43 lbs. This multipurpose, heavy-duty design secures pistols, shotguns, and rifles more efficiently both in the car and on the wall.Unlimited Lifetime Warranty – You don’t need proof of ownership. Or a warranty card. And there’s no time limit. Simply return the item and we’ll replace your item with the same or similar item if your product is no longer available.
Rubber-Coated Magnet Cover – The thick, rubber-coated design ensure the magnets beneath won’t scratch metal gun surfaces or scuff plastic for long-term resiliency.
Universal Gun Magnet & Ultra-Strong Hold – Fitted with advanced neodymium magnets, the 43 lb. hold is strong enough to secure pistols, handguns, revolvers, rifles, shotguns or magazines. This tactical gun magnet mount works with Sig Sauer, Ruger, Glock 1911, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, Browning, Remington, & more.
Convenient Placement – The Samson Magnetic Gun Mount can be mounted anywhere using double-sided adhesive or the countersunk screw holes with included screws.
Concealed, Quick Access Design – This gun holster mount easily secures a firearm in a car or truck – gun will not bounce with our magnetic gun mount, under a bedside table, along a closet wall, and almost anywhere else.

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